Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Homework - P.I.E.S Analysis

Ms Seah, This is my homework

Jing Heng

P.I.E.S needs

Ms. Seah
   Here's is my homework


Homework - P.I.E.S. Anaylsis

Individual work
PIES Analysis of 3 products - Television, playstation portable and mobile phones.

i) You are to present your work in a table form and on a piece of A4 plain paper (Landscape).
ii) Make that that you have written your name and class at the top left hand corner of the paper.
iii) Submit in hardcopy (print out on A4)
email to Ms Seah's SST email account

Deadline: 1st Feb 2010

Group work
1) Post the following on the group blog.
PIES Analysis of the following situations
a) Waiting for a bus at a bus stop.
b) Waiting for a train at a railway station.
c) Waiting for a plane at an airport.

The note taker 2 from the group is to post only
one of the situations that is assigned to you on your group blog.

Deadline: 26th Jan 2010

Perspective Drawing

Click on the following and practice the sketches in your sketch book.
Follow the steps in your sketch.

You are allowed to use mechanical pencil and ruler in this exercise.

One point perspective
Two point perspective
Draw a 3D pyramid

For students who are faster, here's the challenge!
Draw a Brick Wall in Perspective

Your sketchbook is to be submitted on Monday, 1st Feb 2010. There should be at least 3 sketches.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Analysis of theme - Identify a need, problem or challenge (Group Discussion)

1. Identify a need, problem or challenge based on the mind map that have been created earlier.
2. Analyze the situation using the following questions as a guide.
a) What is the root cause of the problem?/Why is there a need to solve the problem?
b) What has been done to solve the problem?

The group is to formulate relevant questions when analyzing the situation.
This allows the group to be focus in their analysis and research.
Use 5W1H as a guide. What, Where, When, Who, Why and How.

You are to present your findings and analysis on the 28th Jan 2010 during lesson.

Monday, January 18, 2010

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Daniel Pei

Yes, if humans do not stop harming and mistreating it, the Earth, as well as the humans, will be doomed.
We can start by reducing our usage of electricity, water, and other everyday products;reusing materials and
recycling unwanted stuff.We should also not purchase illegal skins or other illegal animal products, and
conserve natural resources. The fate of the world depends on US!

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ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - tan jing heng


Yes, due to our selfish human acts which are causing the shrinking of forests, leaving animals homeless and creating much more natural disasters. We should try to reduce the usage of non-renewable resources and also try to reuse and recycle items. Also we should use things until they are worn out or spoiled and not change them frequently.

Different types of drawing (Group Discussion)

You are to submit your group discussion on the following.

1. What are the different types of drawing?
2. Describe the different types of drawing?
3. The purpose/reasons for the different types of drawing.

You may summarise the group's findings using a mind map.

Submitting your work...

1. Post on the group blog that you have created earlier.
2. Give the title in your post: Different types of drawing.
3. Copy and paste the hyperlink of this particular post to the Comments section in this post.

Deadline: 19th Jan 2010

Difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing (Individual)

You are to post your findings on the difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing. State with illustration the difference between the 3 types of drawing. Remember to acknowledge the source or your findings.

Submitting your work...

1. Post on the blog that you have created earlier. Blog name: ADMT-Environment.
2. Give the title in your post : Difference between Isometric, Oblique and Orthographic Drawing.
3. Copy and paste the hyperlink of this particular post to the Comments section in this post.

Deadline: 20th Jan 2010

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ADMT Lesson 1

Chong Jun Hao

I think that human selfish acts will bring about the earth's doom.
We should practice the 3 R's namely

Reuse- We reuse whenever we can for example if we buy a bottled drink instead of throwing it away we can reuse it as our temporary water bottles for a week until it leaks
Recycle- After using it for a week we can recycle the bottle at a plastic recycling point.
Reduce- We should not keep changing our necessities unless it is absolutely necessary for example we do not need do buy a new handphone unless it is spoilt and should not keep buying new ones to keep up with the times.

Conservative Tips
-We can use the water used to wash the vegetables to wash the car.
-We can use rainwater to wash the car.
-We must have a full load in the washing machine before starting it.
-Take the public transport instead of personal transport. 
-Turn off the lights when we leave the room.
-On a cool day use a fan instead of air-conditioning.

Since the damage has been done now we only can try to reduce the impact on the environment and avoid the destruction of earth and the flooding of islands off the coast and destruction of many countries near the coastal regions.

Our poor earth has been attacked by us, our selfish acts to earn money releasing toxic gases into the air causing global warming, and acid rain to happen

We must stop now or Mother Nature will punish us. It has already punished us with acid rain and global warming. If we do not stop polluting the environment now, the polar caps may melt completely and the earth be flooded

ADMT Lesson 1 - Environment

I think that the selfish acts of human beings will bring about Earth's doom as if we do not stop the depletion of resources in the planet, we will die. To save ourselves, we need to use technology, which is actually the action of scientific knowledge being used for practical purposes, to create something that can be a solution, however not absolute, to this problem.

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ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Soe Yan Naung @ Norman

         Man's act has already caused doom to several species on earth and it is only a matter of time before we bring doom to earth. Because of our selfish acts we have caused mass extinctions, pollution and many other man-made disasters to our world. If we don't stop now it may become too late for us. many mass extinctions has occurred before but they were mostly natural but a man-made global mass extinction may occur if we don't save our environment.

         To save the earth first we all must work together and unite the world and start saving the plant life which are some of the most important factors that stabilizes the world. We must learn to conserve energy and water as they are precious resources. We must find a better way of making life easier as now the methods we are using are only causing harm to the environment. We must follow the three Rs and reduce, reuse and recycle. We must start to appreciate nature and its beauties which are being destroyed daily and conserve them. To save the earth, first we must appreciate the earth.
The selfish acts of the human kind will make dooms day come even faster.All the animals will extinct and even humans will extinct. We can recycle,reduce and reuse. Stop the pollution and try to stop the activities that are harming the earth.
Kristin Chai class 1-08

ADMT- environment

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Eugene Liow S1-08

I think that human's selfishness would bring harm to the earth. Most of human's inventions are invented to benefit the humans only but in return, they harm the earth unknowing. For example, cars, they are quite efficient in transporting us to our desired destination but, they rely on precious fuel and pollute the earth because it gives out carbon monoxide. 
Fortunately, scientist are trying to modify cars to allow them to run on thing like water. We should also help by recycling, reusing and reducing.  

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I think that human's selfish acts is part of the reason of the world's doom.(NOT 100% about 75%)

I think we can conserve the electricity by switching off all electronics and cut down on our usage of paper.
Reduce the emission if carbon dioxide by changing to take bus or trains to school.Filtering the air.Reduce the 
amount of rubbish,reuse it and recycle if it is bio-degradeble. Slowing down the speed of the car to save oil.
Use both sides of the paper.Use the mug when brushing the teeth.Close all taps when not in use.


''The Earth does not belong to Men.Men belongs to Earth''

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ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Ng Kok Yin

Yes. Human being's selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom.
I feel that we can help save the Earth.
You can save the Earth by:
- Conserving natural resources
- Practice the 3rs which is Reuse,Reduce,Recycle

Only use enough for our own needs, don't need to waste.We tend to think that even if we conserve and use the 3Rs, there will still be people wasting resources so our effort is of no use. That is a wrong way of thinking because if everyone thinks like that, no one will conserve anymore. Instead you should change your thinking to:"I will do my best to save as every effort counts".

ADMT Lesson 1 (Michelle)

Will human beings' selfish acts bring about the Earth's Doom?

Yes, it will as human beings who selfishly cut down trees to produce paper for themselves to do work, making deforestations happen more often. Also, if they litter more for their own convenience, the Earth may be polluted with litters.

What we can do to save the Earth?

We can reduce the use of papers and use both sides of one piece of paper, if possible, we still could use useless paper and producing a piece of new and clean paper. We should also throw all our rubbish into the nearest rubbish bin if we need to throw our stuff and pick up rubbish we see on the floor. Everyone should do a part to make the Earth environment-friendly and litter-free.

Art,Design,Media and Technology(ADMT) Lesson 1-About the Environment(Aaron Sng)

Global warming is happening and what is done already has been done, there is no way we can reverse the effects but we can help to slow down the rate of it.So how do we save the Earth?But what could we do??
  1. We can decrease our demand for electricity
  2. Use fluorescent bulbs
  3. Turn off electricity such as the lights when not using them
  4. Use fans rather than air-conditioner
  5. Try to decrease the use of one's car by methods like using public transport
  6. Drive fuel-efficient cars
      7.Reduce,Reuse and Recycle                        

If we do not,there will be huge consequences we will have to face.

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment- Clarabelle

Yes. If selfish humans keep polluting and harming the Earth, then Earth will meet its doom. People have been littering, producing unnecessary toxic gases, poring away toxic chemicals in the river, deforestation and destroying the habitat of the poor animals thus killing them. We could reduce waste, reuse useable items and not throw them away and recycle materials. We should also off electrical appliances when not in use and use not more than we need. Lets all GO GREEN!

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment -Lhu Wen Kai

It will bring the earth's doom. The selfish acts are inconsiderate and most of all harmful. It can destroy the earth in matter of time thru pollution. We should try and conserve our limited resources by only using them when you need them. We should replace our energy sources from non-renewable sources to renewable sources like hydro (water),
solar (light) and hybird (electricity)

ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Christian Lim

Yes they will bring about the Earth's doom.We should conserve our resources e.g turning off the lights when they are not in use, reduce our wastage by taking only what we need and no more, reuse materials and recycle unwanted items instead of just throwing them away.We should not pollute the environment and should stop deforestation,illegal poaching of endangered animals for their fur and meat. We should do everything we can in order to stop global warming and save the Earth because it is our home.

ADMT lesson 1 -environment Tse Tzang

Human beings selfish acts will bring about the earths doom. We can save the world by starting to recycle and not waste paper and electricity.

ADMT Lesson 1-Environment(Ethan)

-Human being's selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom.

-We can reuse reduce and recycle.

-We need to conserve natural resource

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ADMT Lesson 1-Environment(Ethan)

-Human being's selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom.

-We can reuse reduce and recycle.

-We need to conserve natural resource

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ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - Kang Yan

Human beings selfish acts will bring about the Earth's doom.
We can try our best to save the earth by conserving natural resources and practice the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle).That way, we will not bring about earth's doom.

Kang Yan (5)

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Enviroment-Yeo Jun Peng

Yes, It will bring to the earth's doom.I think that we must educate the young to learn conservation, and do not pollute the world by recycling, reduce and reuse.We should all work together to stop Global Warming.

ADMT Lesson 1-Environment-Wee Ren Chang

  The selfish acts of humankind will bring us to the doom of the world. We can conserve the environment like conserving water and electricity.

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Define the Theme - Environment (Individual work)

You are to post the definition of the theme - Environment on your personal blog which you have created earlier. Please take note of the following:

1. The definition of the theme - Environment must be taken from the different sources.
2. You need to acknowledge the source - indicate the hyperlink.
3. The definition should not be only cut and paste. You are expected to highlight keywords in the definition and explained further by giving examples to show your understanding.
4. Towards the end, you are expected to summarize the definition and conclude with their own definition.

Submitting your work...
  1. Post on the blog that you have created earlier. Blog name: ADMT-Environment.
  2. You may post using a jpg. file exported from keynote. Give the title in your post: Definition of theme - Environment.
  3. Copy and paste the hyperlink of this particular post to the Comments section in this post.
Deadline: 20th Jan 2010

Lesson 1 - Group Reflection

Create a group Blog and set permission to your group members.

Post the group discussion on the group blog and send your link to the comment below.

Indicate the following as the title of the 2 post
1) Define Art, Design, Media and Technology
2) Define the theme - Environment.

End off the post with the names of your group members.

Deadline: 14th Jan 2010

Sketching Homework - Stationery

Sketch in your sketchbook one of the following stationery items, pen, mechanical pencil or stapler.

Bring your sketchbook to class on Wednesday, 20th Jan 2010.

ADMT Lesson 1 - Environment

We live in a world where natural resources like air and water are being threatened by the onslaught of human activities. Pollution and industrialization have caused the depletion of Mother Nature’s reserves at an alarming rate.

Will human beings’ selfish acts bring about the Earth’s doom?

What we can we do to save the Earth?

Students may explore the following topics on this theme:
* Conservation
* Pollution (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle)
* Innovations for the Earth

Submitting your work:
  • You are going to submit your thoughts to the class blog via email.
  • You may include text, image(s) and/or videoclip(s).
  • Put your name as the title of the email so that we know who submitted the post. e.g. ADMT Lesson 1 Environment - your name
  • Send the email to
  • Your work will be posted to this admt class blog.
  • If you upload a video clip, it may take a while for it to be ready for viewing.
Deadline: 14th Jan 2010, 9pm

Lesson 1 - Introduction to Art, Design, Media and Technology (Personal Reflection)

1. What does ADMT means to you?
2. What are the attitude that an ADMT student should have?
3. What are you aspiration as an ADMT student?
4. How do you think you can achieve your aspiration?
5. Sketch how the world would look like without art, design, media and technology. Describe briefly your sketch. [Take a picture of your sketch and post it on your personal blog.

Submitting your work...
  1. Create a blog in your personal blog. Name it ADMT-Environment.
  2. Post your response in the blog that you created. Give the title in your post: ADMT Lesson 1: Personal Reflection
  3. Copy and paste the hyperlink of this particular post to the Comments section in this post.
Deadline: 13th Jan 2010