Wednesday, January 13, 2010


ADMT Lesson 1

Chong Jun Hao

I think that human selfish acts will bring about the earth's doom.
We should practice the 3 R's namely

Reuse- We reuse whenever we can for example if we buy a bottled drink instead of throwing it away we can reuse it as our temporary water bottles for a week until it leaks
Recycle- After using it for a week we can recycle the bottle at a plastic recycling point.
Reduce- We should not keep changing our necessities unless it is absolutely necessary for example we do not need do buy a new handphone unless it is spoilt and should not keep buying new ones to keep up with the times.

Conservative Tips
-We can use the water used to wash the vegetables to wash the car.
-We can use rainwater to wash the car.
-We must have a full load in the washing machine before starting it.
-Take the public transport instead of personal transport. 
-Turn off the lights when we leave the room.
-On a cool day use a fan instead of air-conditioning.

Since the damage has been done now we only can try to reduce the impact on the environment and avoid the destruction of earth and the flooding of islands off the coast and destruction of many countries near the coastal regions.

Our poor earth has been attacked by us, our selfish acts to earn money releasing toxic gases into the air causing global warming, and acid rain to happen

We must stop now or Mother Nature will punish us. It has already punished us with acid rain and global warming. If we do not stop polluting the environment now, the polar caps may melt completely and the earth be flooded

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