Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Classwork - 10th Mar 2010

Task 1: Check the proposed solutions. Ask yourself the following questions.

1) Is this solution feasible?
If yes, how do you intend to implement it?
If no, how can we make it feasible? What are the constraints?

2) Are we doing what others are doing? How is it different from the current way of doing things? How can we make it different? Use SCAMPER to help you come up with better ideas.

NOTE: Don't do what others are doing.

Make changes to the proposed solution keynote and email to Ms Seah.

Task 2: Based on the area that the group have chosen e.g. recycling/pollution/deforestation. You are to promote/encourage e.g recycling to save the mother earth.

In your group,

1) Brainstorm on the messages that you want to bring across to the audience.
Among all the messages, decide on one message that you think is the most important.

2) Discuss how you want to bring the message across to the audience? What kind of a story that you want to tell in order to capture the interest of the audience. Think of interesting ways to send the message across. (Keep in mind that you would be using paper animation to tell the story)

Suggestion: You can choose to tell the story from different perspective, e.g. from the perspective of the future generations or from the perspective of a water droplet.

At the end of the lesson, come up with a story outline with storyboard and email to Ms Seah.

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